How to install:

Before you can use Pocket PWS on Your android device, you need to go through these few steps:

Log in to your device running weewx.

Download the additional xml template file:
wget http://android.teszdesign.hu/xml_templates/weewx_pws.xml.tmpl.tar.gz

Extract the downloaded additional file:
tar zxvf weewx_pws.xml.tmpl.tar.gz

Note: the below assumes you are using the Standard skin.
However, any skin will do as long as you replace the “Standard” with your skin.

Create a directory XML in your Standard skin directory:
mkdir /your_skin_directory_goes_here/Standard/XML

Copy the extracted file to the XML directory:
cp weewx_pws.xml.tmpl /your_skin_directory_goes_here/Standard/XML/weewx_pws.xml.tmpl

For weewx v2.6.0 and above:

You need to add the following to /standard/skins.conf :
template = XML/weewx_pws.xml.tmpl

For weewx BELOW 2.6.0:

You need to add the following to /standard/skins.conf :
template = XML/weewx_pws.xml.tmpl

You’re almost done, restarting weewx daemon should not be necessary.

Check in your weewx WWW out directory if the file weewx_pws.xml in the XML directory gets produced and is accessible from internet.
If you’re using ftp/rss weewx upload function, check also if the file weewx_pws.xml has been transferred to the remote server. If the file is not produced, check the weewx log file to find out what went wrong.

Go to Google Play, and install application to your device!

Start the application, you will see welcome screen.
Go to Settings and enter the URL of your weewx_pws.xml file.

Enjoy! 🙂

Big thanks goes to Branislav Vedel for the installation instructions and for template file!


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