Version 2.0

Hi All!

Working on Pocket PWS version 2.0:
– new theme design;
– 5 different colors;
– possibility to add 2 custom datas (eg.: solar radiation, UV info, etc.)
– new widget;
– gestures control;
– added new screen to see all the data from the WS;
– smaller app (~40%);

Preview of new theme (not finished yet):


6 comments on “Version 2.0
  1. Sandi says:


    A smaller widget (1×2) will be better than bigger (2×4).

    Thank You for nice App.

  2. Hi – cant get the app to work at all on my Samsung S4 using android 4.3

  3. marty says:

    Love a option for full tablet screen that auto refresh’s
    bought a $50 tablet that’s going to be a weather station

  4. St-Tremblay says:

    This is simple lite and great. Any way to get this to work using Weather Underground – Heavy Weather’s WUHU uploader

  5. Jerome says:

    Is this wonderfull app still being developed please tell me it is. I have many ideas to share with you if it is still in development

  6. Lawrence Gill says:

    I don’t understand your instructions for setting up Cumulus / Settings / Internet page for getting PWS to work. You mention “the path to your HTML files”. What do you mean? Do you need to already have your own website to make this work?

    Also, I think the initial version of PWS looks MUCH better than what you show up here for version 2. Is it possible to still run the first version?