“Pocket PWS” displays personal weather station informations.

You need to own a private weather station to use this application!

It also requires the user to use station programs auto-upload functionality, where a 2nd set of data is posted. The format of this data is XML.

For program specific installation methods, go here:

Weather Display

Additional file can be download from HERE.

The content of the package is “something_here.xml” file, and this file should be placed in specific directories as described in installation instructions.

Pocket PWS uses:

Freecns Cumulus icons designed by Yannick Lung

Roboto fonts designed by Christian Robertson*


Big thanks to:

Simone Accili for italian translation;
Pedro Dias for portugese translation;
David Laurent for french translation;
George Blades Voulgarakis for greek translation.


*Apache licence, version 2.0