First screenshots from Pocket PWS

Hello all!

Here is the first screens from my new application, called “Pocket PWS”.

Android 2.2 Portrait

 Android 2.2 Landscape

I hope next week you will be able to download from Google Play.


8 Comments on “First screenshots from Pocket PWS

  1. Hi,

    I cannot display any data on the pocket PWS.
    I’ve followed the instruction for cumulus software.
    two things I’m not sure how o do:

    1. How do I fill in remote file names for the internet settings.
    Could you give an example?
    2. The instruction don’t say to upload an XML file to my website but the app is asking for an XML file url.


  2. I installed yesterday Pocket PWS for weewx on my smartphone with Android 4.04.
    All is working very well except for the arrow of wind direction which is not visible.
    How can I fix it ?