How can I add the widget to my home screen?

In order to insert the widget to your home screen, long-press in an empty area on the home screen and select “Widgets”, then “Pocket PWS”. Also, please make sure that you have enough space available on your home screen.

The application/widget doesn’t look right on my device. Can you fix it?

The Android system is running on devices with various form factors. Unfortunately, I do not have different devices to test the widget on. However, I did test it with different screen and Android settings on the emulator. It is suppose to work fine with QVGA, HVGA, and WVGA devices from 2.2 to 4.2.2 Android . If the widget layout doesn’t look right on your device, please let me know your device name/model and the Android system version (and preferably a screenshot) so I can troubleshoot the problem.

I would like to see Pocket PWS in my native language. Can you add it?

Sure, but you need to help me with the translation. Just send me an email, and I give you all the informations to start your translation.

I would like see datas from another/second station.

The application can display data only from one station right now.

The widget freezes or lags a lot. Help!

The application uses a background service that downloads and updates the data periodically. If you are using any task manager applications, they may aggressively kill the update service. Please make sure that you exclude Pocket PWS from any of the kill lists in your task manager apps. If you have already excluded Pocket PWS from your task manager before, but experience this issue after a recent update, please make sure that it is still in the ignore list. Some preferences may get lost due to updates.

In application I can’t see my weather station data just “—” everywhere/somewhere!

To solve this problem, please download latest xml file from HERE.