XML customization

From the version 2.0 there is a possibility to add two custom weather information to the XML file (cloud base, UV, snow, etc.) and display in App.

1. You have to set up your weather software to upload necessary file to the web. Please go to installation instructions and read the how-to carefully. (If you did this before, you don’t have to setup software again, go to step 2.)

2. Open the template file with your favourite editor and scroll down to the end.You will see something similar to this:

<realtime><data units="windunit"><!--windUnit--></data></realtime> 
<realtime><data units="rainunit"><!--rainUnit--></data></realtime> 
<realtime><data units="rateunit"><!--rateUnit--></data></realtime> 
<realtime><data units="barunit"><!--barUnit--></data></realtime> 
<realtime><data units="tempunit"><!--tempUnit-->°</data></realtime> 
<realtime><data units="humunit"><!--humUnit--></data></realtime> 

If you want to add one custom data, you have to add the following lines before </maintag>:

<realtime><data customdata="custom1_data"><!----></data></realtime>  
<realtime><data customdata="custom1_unit"><!----></data></realtime> 
<realtime><data custompic="custom1_pic"><!----></data></realtime>

To see weather data from your station you have to change <!—-> in each line.
Here you can find the webtags list depending on your weather software:
Weather Display
wvieweather:  check $prefix/etc/wview/html/parameterlist.txt for full list


The last line contains the string of the icon displayed in App.
Here is the available icons and the name that you have to put in template file:

Now for example, you want to display UV data in App.
The template file have to look similar:

<realtime><data customdata="custom1_data"><UVIndex></data></realtime>  
<realtime><data customdata="custom1_unit"><UVIndexUnit></data></realtime> 
<realtime><data custompic="custom1_pic">uv</data></realtime> 

The formatted file uploaded to website will be look like this:

<realtime><data customdata="custom1_data">3.5</data></realtime>  
<realtime><data customdata="custom1_unit">W/m2</data></realtime> 
<realtime><data custompic="custom1_pic">uv</data></realtime> 

First line contains the realtime data from your weather station. (e.g. 3.5)
Second line contains the unit of the data. (e.g. W/m2)
Third line contains the picture displayable on the app. (e.g. uv)

3. For the second set of data, simply copy these lines before </maintag>, as explained before:

<realtime><data customdata="custom2_data"><!----></data></realtime>  
<realtime><data customdata="custom2_unit"><!----></data></realtime> 
<realtime><data custompic="custom2_pic"><!----></data></realtime>

Modify lines as described above!

4. Never leave empty lines in template file! If you don’t need it, delete it!

Thats’ it!

Enjoy your work!