Weather Display

How to install:

Before you can use Pocket PWS on Your android device, you need to go through these few steps:

Download the additional xml template file: to your PC.

Unzip it!

Copy the weatherdisplay_template.xml file into your webfiles folder under C:\wdisplay\webfiles.

Within Weather Display start Control panel, the click to a Web Files/Web Page/Real Time FTO/WDL


Click to “Custom WebPage Setup”:

Uncheck “Include the Units used”
Type weatherdisplay_template.xml to “Local file name”
Type weatherdisplay.xml to “Remote file name”
Save the settings with clicking to “OK”


Click to “Internet file “Creation & Update” then choose “Setup Page #2”.

Click to “Set” next to “Special custom file convers”


Check the “Update every minute”, than click to “OK” to save setting.


Now Weather Display generating the xml file, you are ready to use Pocket PWS!

Go to Google Play, and install application to your device!

Start the application, you will see welcome screen.
Go to Settings and enter the URL of your weatherdisplayxml file.

Enjoy! 🙂