How to install:

Before you can use Pocket PWS on Your android device, you need to go through these few steps:

Download the additional xml template file: to your PC.

Unzip it!

Copy the cumulus.xml file into your Cumulus folder on your PC

Within Cumulus click Configuration, Internet, then the ‘Files’ tab

Add a new entry in one of the blank lines.

Local filename is the full path and filename of cumulus.xml.
Remote filename can be anything however it should be the path to your HTML files and a filename, ending in XML.

You must tick ‘Process’, ‘FTP’ and ‘Realtime’ to allow Cumulus to add values to the file and upload it.

Now Cumulus generating the xml file, you are ready to use Pocket PWS!

Go to Google Play, and install application to your device!

Start the application, you will see welcome screen.
Go to Settings and enter the URL of your cumulus.xml file.

Enjoy! 🙂
Android 2.2 Landscape